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Who We Are

Since its inception in 2012, the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) at the University of South Florida has been a national leader in simulation-based health care education. Our 90,000-square-foot facility is designed for the comprehensive training of health care professionals, featuring advanced simulation equipment, including lifelike manikins, cadavers and standardized patient actors, across a range of clinical environments.

What We Do

The CAMLS Without Walls (CWW) initiative brings critically needed training programs out into the community, offering adaptable, real-world simulation training for health care practitioners and teams in diverse, underserved clinical environments. This program is particularly beneficial for teams in rural areas, focusing on high-risk procedures, such as difficult obstetrical deliveries, and emergency medical management. This focused training can significantly enhance health professionals’ ability to provide timely and effective clinical care, potentially saving lives in remote areas where access to health care resources is limited. CWW's commitment to underserved communities is exemplified by its training services within a 300-mile radius of Tampa, Florida, addressing the training needs of rural health care workers without the burden of travel.

Your Impact

Your support is essential in bringing quality health care simulation to all communities, particularly in rural areas. Contributions to CAMLS Without Walls aid USF Health in enhancing care delivery throughout Florida. Donations are pivotal in expanding CWW's reach and upgrading our technology, enabling us to cater to a broader array of remote communities. Your generosity also supports scholarships and the development of new training modules, crucial for improving health care in rural and underserved areas.

USF Faculty and Staff: You can give online through this site or complete this payroll deduction form (enter fund #310059, CAMLS Without Walls) and email it to

What Your Generosity Will Do

Philanthropic funding has the potential to significantly expand the CAMLS Without Walls program, thereby amplifying its impact on rural and underserved communities. Gifts would enable the program to broaden its geographical reach, extending its services beyond the current 300-mile radius from Tampa, Florida and catering to a more extensive array of remote communities facing health care disparities. Additionally, with philanthropic support, CAMLS could invest in cutting-edge simulation technology, including advanced manikins, medical equipment and audio-visual tools for simulations and debriefing. This technological enhancement would heighten the realism and effectiveness of training, ensuring that health care professionals and first responders are even better prepared for real-life emergencies.

Furthermore, your generosity could help establish scholarships or subsidies for individuals and organizations in financially disadvantaged areas, thus removing economic barriers and fostering inclusivity in the training programs. The program could also diversify its training offerings, developing new courses that address a broader range of medical scenarios commonly encountered in rural settings. Moreover, with additional resources, CAMLS Without Walls could implement comprehensive research and evaluation processes to assess its impact on patient outcomes and community resilience, helping refine training methodologies and garner further support. Lastly, long-term sustainability could be ensured through endowment funds or grants, allowing the program to continue its vital mission of enhancing health care access and emergency response capabilities in underserved regions, thus creating a lasting and positive effect on these communities.

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