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With the coronavirus, many of our students have jobs that have been suspended due to closures or limited hours of operation and therefore are experiencing loss of income. To assist those who cannot afford groceries and other personal necessities, the Support-A-Bull Market at USF St. Petersburg (USFSP) is ramping up operations in anticipation of the increased need by our students.

The Support-A-Bull Market at USF St. Petersburg has a mission to provide emergency food assistance to students facing food insecurity. According to the 2018 Hunger on Campus Report from the National Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness, one in four students will face food insecurity and of those that did, approximately 25% of students reported they dropped a course because of hunger-related stress. USFSP believes that no student should have to give up their educational pursuits because they have to choose between buying a textbook or buying groceries. 

Who We Are

Support-A-Bull Market is a USF St. Petersburg campus food pantry resource that grew out of a student government concern for the impact of food insecurity on our student body. The market was created to address food insecurity by providing emergency food assistance to students in need and collaborates with the Office of Student Outreach & Support to help students addressing barriers related to food insecurity issues. 

Your Impact

With your gift of any size today, we can increase the impact that the Support-A-Bull Market has on our students. Your gift makes it possible for us to acquire additional items for our pantry such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and other personal products. Your gift will also help us in our delivery service for students, including speeding up the intake process through the purchase of needed equipment.

Support-A-Bull Market is open despite USF's remote learning structure. USF recognizes that due to COVID-19, students may have reduced work income and decreased avenues for food; we are remaining open to assist with tightening food budgets. We have instituted updated protocols for checking in and receiving food that comply with social distancing and protect our student patrons. All orders are currently being made through an online portal and notification is being sent when orders are ready to be picked-up.

If you are interested in being a part of our donation drive of non-perishable items, please click here for more information.

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By making a gift of $10, you are providing four students in need with toothpaste.

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By making a gift of $25, you are providing enough food for 12 students in need.

Meeting Needs

With your gift of $50, you are helping us increase our hours of operations.

Game Changer

Your gift of $100 will help us achieve our goal of purchasing equipment needed to update how our pantry serves our students. Through the use of iPads or other tablets, we can speed up the intake process and serve multiple students at one time.

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