The Gauntlet for Global Health

The Gauntlet for Global Health

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About The Gauntlet for Global Health

The Gauntlet for Global Health is an initiative that seeks to support USF Health Nicaragua in its goal to provide sustainable access to healthcare for the impoverished community of Cedro Galán.

Who We Are

USF Health Nicaragua is an organization within the USF Morsani College of Medicine that was founded in 2013 and has since provided healthcare to thousands of patients in the community of Cedro Galán.

The Impact

The Gauntlet is our main fundraiser through which we can continually sustain our clinic in Nicaragua and expand our breadth of care. This event will recruit USF students, faculty and community members to help fundraise for our cause.

The donations will help us sustain our clinic, which is staffed year-round by a Nicaragua doctor, nurse and health promoter and will help expand our scope of care to the community. We would like help from our fellow USF and non-USF community members alike; whether through donations, participation or sharing our cause by telling family, friends, sharing our page, etc. – every bit helps! We thank everyone for their support in this endeavor; it means a lot to us at USF Health Nicaragua and our fellow community of Cedro Galán!

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Blood Tests

Will help a patient receive vital blood tests for diagnosing and managing chronic diseases.

Women's Care

Will allow us to provide care to one woman including annual check-ups, cervical cancer screening and contraception.

Fluoride for Kids

Will allow us to provide essential preventative dental care to several children in the community.

Chronic Disease Care

Will allow us to provide life-saving medication and care for one patient for one month.

Deworming Children

Will pay for medicine to deparasite the entire community.


Will supply the clinic with enough medications for one month.

Care Improvement

Will allow us to fund projects for ongoing improvement of patient care and education for six months.

Clinic Staff

Will pay the salaries of our physician, nurse and support staff for one month.

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