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Dear Friends of USF:

The University of South Florida continues to be recognized for its unparalleled trajectory among public or private universities in the United States.

It would have been hard to imagine the extraordinary challenges we would face this year — as a community, state and nation. Despite these ongoing challenges, we are making remarkable progress to support our aspirations for USF, and we have much to be proud of.

Even if we account for the pandemic, this is an historic year for USF. We completed a record fundraising year, raising almost $120 million dollars, which exceeded our goal of $100 million dollars. We have enrolled our most academically accomplished and diverse class – with a continued commitment to equal access. We remain the nation’s fastest rising public university and the only metropolitan Preeminent Research University in the state of Florida. And we are unified as One USF — with all the opportunities and advantages that presents.

One of the earliest accomplishments of the year was to begin our strategic renewal process by developing a shared set of Principles of Community. Our principles support a campus climate of mutual support among faculty, staff and students, and are crucial to our success in forging a new future for USF.

Many of our actions and initiatives throughout the year have been grounded in our Principles of Community. This includes USF’s ongoing response to the impact of COVID-19 on our community and important investments USF is making to support diversity, inclusion and equity.

Your generous support plays a critical role in our success as a world-class research university and helps to guide our path forward. Thank you for your continued engagement.


Steven C. Currall
USF President and Professor

A Message From Foundation Leadership

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As we look back on the 2019-20 fiscal year, we extend a heartfelt thanks to President Steven Currall for his steadfast leadership during the unique challenges encountered in his first year in office.

President Currall stepped into his role in the midst of an effort to consolidate the three campuses comprising the University of South Florida, and in the months that followed, he successfully led the effort not only to consolidate the university, but to strengthen and unite our community.

He listened to the voices of a diverse array of students, faculty and staff in order to establish USF’s Principles of Community — principles which serve as a guide for USF as we continue to grow, innovate and impact our world.

And facing a pandemic more serious than anyone has experienced in generations, he ensured that our university continued to fulfill our mission, to serve our students and community, to innovate and to thrive.

President Currall recognizes the importance of philanthropy in the success of the University of South Florida. In this year’s Performance Report, you will read about how philanthropy has continued to fuel our upward trajectory as a leading university on the international stage, impacting multiple fields and industries.

Your generosity continues to do great things for the University of South Florida. Together with your support, we raised nearly $120 million during the 2019-20 fiscal year for new scholarships, academic programs and research — as well as student need in response to the pandemic. This is the second best fundraising year in the history of USF.

We are also proud to report our endowment has reached $532 million. United, we have made incredible progress strengthening USF.

This year, we celebrate 15 years of Women in Leadership & Philanthropy, a group dedicated to serving students through scholarship, networking and mentorship. In this report, you’ll read about how years of sustained support is changing lives.

You’ll also read about how an exciting partnership with Jabil is establishing the multidisciplinary USF Jabil Innovation Institute, creating learning opportunities for students in multiple colleges and funding academic inquiry into issues facing business today while offering faculty the opportunity to advance their research.

We’ve included stories about how a transformational gift from the Taneja Family Foundation named the USF Taneja College of Pharmacy and how an estate gift from the late Dr. Jack Ross will serve generations of medical students.

Reflecting the current times, you will read how philanthropy has been and continues to be a key component of USF’s response to the pandemic. We are deeply grateful to every single individual who made gifts of all sizes during this difficult time. Thank you for giving. Thank you for fueling this engine of innovation and opportunity we call USF. Thousands of donors contributed to the USF United Support Fund and gave to the #BullsUnited in Action initiative, helping the Bulls in their time of need and together raising more than $1.1 million.

The impact of the pandemic will be long-lasting, but it will not outlast our determination. We have stood strong together. Our donors supported USF, and in turn USF supported our local community, our state and our nation. The fight is not over, but our resolve makes clear the inevitable outcome: a safer, stronger and more united USF. Go Bulls!

Ray “Chip” Newton III
Chair, USF Foundation Board

Jay Stroman
CEO, USF Foundation
Senior Vice President, University Advancement & Alumni Affairs

Why I Give

“There is something special about the Honors students’ character. They are both talented and humble, balancing a desire to achieve while giving back. I am so inspired by the drive of these students, and I wanted to provide a place where they can connect and exchange ideas in a special space designed just for them.”

Kenysha Johnson

Claudia McCorkle Donor to the Judy Genshaft Honors College

“Women in Leadership & Philanthropy has been very welcoming to me, especially as a non-alumna member. It’s been amazing to see how much this group of caring, generous women has advanced the university in the years since its founding. I choose to donate to the university through WLP, as I have a deep appreciation for its brand of donor stewardship and the added impact the organization generates with each and every gift. WLP has been particularly effective offering its scholarship recipients a sense of connection to the organization’s membership and many other opportunities as they navigate their path to a college degree. It’s very fulfilling to be able to help well-deserving students and their families lighten the financial burden of paying for their education.”

Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan Member of USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy

“The Herold family’s philanthropic interest came from our parents, Mary and William Jr. (Bill), who inspired their children — Toni, Arthur, Betty, William III (Billy) and Susan — to forget self in leading us onto the pathway for a meaningful life devoted to the service of disadvantaged individuals, community, church and country, teaching that we are enriched by improving the conditions of those around us and to leave every place better than it was found.”

Dr. Arthur Herold

Dr. Arthur Herold USF Alumnus and Faculty Member


“Music educators teach through music. You learn through it that someone is always watching, someone is always believing in you, and you may not even know it. That’s how I felt receiving this scholarship. This scholarship has helped me both financially and mentally, knowing that I can’t stop just because something good happened. I have to keep pushing in order to get better, and someone believing in me keeps me in that mindset.”

Claudia McCorkle

Kenysha Johnson Music Education Major, Helios-Black Leadership Network Scholar

“This scholarship has not only encouraged me to continue to move forward towards my dream, but it also makes my journey towards that dream a lot smoother and quicker. With this gift, there has been so much relief of financial burden on my family. My parents are able to see me not only finishing my bachelor’s degree, but also my master’s in a clearer light, and this is thanks to you.”

Zurisadai Beiza ’20

Zurisadai Beiza ’20 Psychology Major, Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Council Scholarship

“Being accepted for this award has been both a humbling experience and, on the practical level, extremely helpful as I live on a very low budget. It has helped to affirm I’m doing well on my path and served as inspiration to continue striving towards excellence as the Osher Foundation has supported so many excellent students before me. Since being awarded this scholarship, I’ve presented my work in Utah, Washington, Canada, and I have more opportunities in the near future at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Glasgow.”

Antonino Travia

Antonino Travia Mathematics Major, Osher Re-entry Scholarship


USF continues to rise and innovate.

The USF Taneja College of Pharmacy

College of Engineering Produces Face Shields for Frontline Workers


In the face of extraordinary challenges, the University of South Florida rallied to a record fundraising year. With nearly $120 million raised, the 2019-20 fiscal year marks the second best year for fundraising in university history. Our success is due to the generosity and foresight of our donors. The Taneja Family Foundation’s $10 million gift named the Taneja College of Pharmacy. The late Jack Ross left an historic $4 million gift to fund scholarships for medical students. A partnership with Jabil established the multidisciplinary USF Jabil Innovation Institute. Women in Leadership & Philanthropy celebrated 15 years of serving students through scholarship, networking and mentorship. Philanthropy has been a key component of the university’s response to the pandemic. Read these stories and others about how your support is building the university’s future today.

A New Home for Some of the Best and Brightest Bulls

A New Home for Some of the Best and Brightest Bulls

An extraordinary new landmark is coming to Tampa Bay.
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Transforming Lives Through Science and Philanthropy

Transforming Lives Through Science and Philanthropy

At Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a global biopharmaceutical company, they follow the science — and it leads them to a company philosophy centered around not only improving patient outcomes, but also strengthening communities.
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Bulls Biggest Fan

Bulls Biggest Fan

Joseph Ferguson ’86 is, arguably, one of the Bulls biggest and most loyal fans.
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History-making Gift for the College of Medicine

History-making Gift for the College of Medicine

When Jack Ross passed away on July 18, 2019, at the age of 98, he left an estate gift worth more than $4 million to the Jack F. Ross Medical Scholarship, the largest single gift to scholarships in the history of the USF Morsani College of Medicine.
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A Step Up for the Underserved

A Step Up for the Underserved

Christine Schlesinger always knew she had a calling. An immigrant born in Germany, caring for the underprivileged and underserved was her passion and soon became her life’s work.
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Introducing the Taneja College of Pharmacy: Transformative Gift Elevates Pharmacy Education at USF

Introducing the Taneja College of Pharmacy: Transformative Gift Elevates Pharmacy Education at USF

A transformative gift from the Taneja Family Foundation set a record as the largest philanthropic donation to a pharmacy school in the state of Florida.
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Investing in Faculty Strengthens the USF Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance

Investing in Faculty Strengthens the USF Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance

The Tiedemann-Cotton Endowed Professorship in Finance honors a distinguished faculty member dedicated to education, teaching and research in finance.
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Charting a Groundbreaking Course, Together

Charting a Groundbreaking Course, Together

The USF Jabil Innovation Institute will provide new experiential learning opportunities and skills for students in the College of Engineering and Muma College of Business, which will ultimately make them more competitive in the job market.
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The Power of the Collective: 15 Years of Women in Leadership & Philanthropy at USF

The Power of the Collective: 15 Years of Women in Leadership & Philanthropy at USF

In the 15 years since its founding, WLP has raised more than $6 million to assist students and faculty members. More than $1 million of that has been in scholarship support awarded to almost 1,000 students.
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In the Era of COVID-19, the Bulls Unite

In the Era of COVID-19, the Bulls Unite

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the 2019-20 academic year, with classes, work and even commencement moved online, the University of South Florida has risen to the occasion, powered by determination, community and philanthropy.
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By the Numbers

532,155,863 Endowment Assets Through FY 2020
119,411,948 FY 2019-20 Total Commitment
9,837,240 Scholarship Dollars Raised
37,893 Total Donors in FY 2020
5,837 First Time Individual Donors

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The USF Foundation is guided by a mission to promote private financial support and advocate for the University’s teaching, research and activities that positively impact the community. The USF Foundation Board includes some of the University's most enthusiastic supporters and the community's top leaders.

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