George Morgan


USF has meant so much to me since that day, long ago, when I arrived as an uncertain teenager and left, several years later, as a confident young man. Professors took personal interest in my academic success, contributed to the development of my critical thinking skills, and encouraged me to challenge the limits of my comfort zone. My involvement in various student organizations helped me develop valuable social and leadership skills and taught me how to accomplish my goals, working in concert with other people.

Being the beneficiary of these many gifts is why my wife Jane and I, in addition to our regular annual giving, wanted to create a plan for giving back to the university that has given us so much. By our planned philanthropy, namely to the College of Business, the College of Marine Science, and USF Athletics, it is our hope that we will inspire others to begin the conversation and establish a legacy of their own.

Working together, we believe we can truly make a difference in the future of this great university.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider joining us, and together we will make USF unstoppable!


Total Donors in FY19


Scholarship $ Raised FY19


Endowment Assets Through FY19