Del and Beth Kimbler


A lifelong passion for Industrial Engineering and a serious appreciation of education and USF lead Dr. Delbert Kimbler and his wife, Beth, to create the Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering (IMSE). This innovative series will provide a lasting opportunity for students to connect with, and learn from, eminent professors, researchers, and practitioners in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Dr. Kimbler graduated from USF in 1976 with an Industrial Engineering degree, and was a professor in the IMSE department from 1980 to 1986. He went on to become the chair of the Industrial Engineering Department at Clemson, and is now a Professor Emeritus there.

 “My goal is to help students get a relevant education. I received more from USF than I could ever hope to give back. The lectures will expose IMSE students to the latest innovations in research, technology, teaching, and practice. They will also create opportunities for the leading professionals in the field to learn about the Industrial and Management Systems Engineering department and the accomplishments of its students and faculty, which will help lead to higher rankings and in turn, to attracting better students, faculty, and staff." – Del Kimbler


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