Debbie and Brent Sembler


The Sembler family believes in the promise of USF St. Petersburg. Debbie Sembler has served on the USF Board of Trustees for nearly a decade, and currently serves as the Chair of the Campus Board for USF St. Petersburg. During her time on the board and as chair, she has developed a passion for the institution.

“I had never stepped foot on the campus of USF St. Petersburg until I began my service on the University Board of Trustees. Now, I feel such a bond with this institution and I’ve enjoyed being a part of its tremendous growth. I think this is one of the best kept secrets in St. Petersburg. I’ve recruited a lot of students to come to school here, extolling all of its virtues in the process. That’s how much I believe in it.

“I wanted a place for the students to come and call their own. Now when I walk on campus and I see all the students doing activities around the fountain, I feel wonderful.” – Debbie Nye Sembler

“I like supporting the growth of this institution in our community,” said Brent. “I like having USF St. Petersburg in the heart of downtown – I think it’s great for our city. You can see the progress in all of the new buildings, you can see it in the Fountain plaza area – the university is on the move.” – Brent Sembler


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