Why I Give

Stories of your generosity

Why I Give

Giving to the University of South Florida is an investment, not only in USF, but in the community. That's why your gift is so profound. It elevates the university, makes the community a better place and perhaps best of all, encourages others to make an investment. 

Tapping into a new career

A new brewing arts program at USF St. Petersburg is helping aspiring beer-makers learn their craft.
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Lending a Helping Hand

Firsthand experience inspired Alan and Sandee Steinberg to create a scholarship to help a qualified student attend USFSP.
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A Philosophy to Live By

Betty Schoenbaum has always believed that the joy of giving is the joy of living.
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Opening Doors in Engineering

Dr. Delbert Kimbler and his wife Beth are creating a lasting opportunity for students in the field of Industrial Engineering.
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Triple the Impact

Morgan and wife Jane leave a legacy in Athletics, Business and Marine Sciences.
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Stepping up to the Plate

A love of education and a passion for athletics inspired Richard and Susan Tron to create their own unstoppable legacy.
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A Bright Physics Future

Roy Jewell believes that USF needs a physics department with industrial value that is focused on practical application.
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