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When you give a gift to the University of South Florida, it touches the entire USF community, and beyond. How could it not? Think about it. A scholarship for a student impacts a family. A donation to a program provides equipment for a whole class. A gift to a researcher could mean a breakthrough in solving Alzheimer's around the globe. All it takes is one gift to transform lives.

Civil War–era Steinway Donated to USF College of the Arts

The distinguished Steinway Piano collection in the University of South Florida's College of the Arts has a new addition — a rare 1861 Steinway donated by real estate executive Raxit Shah.
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Investing in Lifelong Learning

Robert Findorff invests in Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of South Florida through planned gift.
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An Artful Showcase for Students

Fine Arts students can now display their works in the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery – made possible by a heartfelt gift of $400,000.
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First Giving Day Makes History

This year Rocky made history by sharing his birthday spotlight with the inaugural USF Giving Day to promote a cause very close to his heart – student success.
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Football Center Shuts Out the Weather

The yet-to-be-named USF Football Center will be a real game-changer, shutting out the storms and helping to attract top-level student-athletes to the university.
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The Dawn of a New Era Downtown

Big things are on the horizon for USF. Though the university has achieved its hard-won Preeminent status in Florida, the drive to be the best has only intensified as USF’s reputation continues to grow.
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A Patron of the Arts Leaves Legacy Gift for USFSP

Josephine Hall leaves $2 million legacy gift split evenly between the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the USF Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.
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