How you Help

Transforming Lives

How you help

When you give a gift to the University of South Florida, it touches the entire USF community, and beyond. How could it not? Think about it. A scholarship for a student impacts a family. A donation to a program provides equipment for a whole class. A gift to a researcher could mean a breakthrough in solving Alzheimer's around the globe. All it takes is one gift to transform lives.

Taking the Next Step

Powered entirely by donors, the $3.3 million renovations to the USF football operations suite have dramatically transformed the space into a vibrant, ultramodern facility with a jaw-dropping “wow” factor.
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A Stampede of Support for Women Athletes

A new initiative at USF hopes to push the university's outstanding women student-athletes to even greater heights.
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Planned Gifts Make an Impact

They are young and old. Some are alumni and others are not. They have different backgrounds and have traveled a variety of career paths. But each, for their own reasons, has chosen to make a gift to the University of South Florida through their estate.
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Giving While Living

For Tim Ubben and his wife, Sharon, their goal is to make their greatest impact on the world while they’re here to see it.
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Hands-On Philanthropy

For one whose giving philosophy centers on building long-term solutions, supporting scholarships at USF is a natural fit for Elizabeth Moore.
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In the Era of COVID-19, the Bulls Unite

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the 2019-20 academic year, with classes, work and even commencement moved online, the University of South Florida has risen to the occasion, powered by determination, community and philanthropy.
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