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Transforming Lives

How you help

When you give a gift to the University of South Florida, it touches the entire USF community, and beyond. How could it not? Think about it. A scholarship for a student impacts a family. A donation to a program provides equipment for a whole class. A gift to a researcher could mean a breakthrough in solving Alzheimer's around the globe. All it takes is one gift to transform lives.

A Patron of the Arts Leaves Legacy Gift for USFSP

Josephine Hall leaves $2 million legacy gift split evenly between the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the USF Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.
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Blasting Off for Scholarships

In addition to the need-based scholarships they've created at USF, this couple encourage others to engage and give through their annual Bulls Blast fundraising event.
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Just Keep Going

Education is a gift the couple want to pay forward to help other nontraditional students make it through school, too.
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Curating Happiness

A love of art changes one man's life and inspires support for USF's Graphicstudio and Master of Fine arts program.
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Beaming a New Gift to USF – Thanks to a Laser Expert and the Greatest Show on Earth

Dr. Dennis Killinger, an international expert in laser technology, and wife Rose Killinger have been a presence at USF for 30-plus years -- and now they are giving back to support one of Rose's longtime passions at the university.
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A Story of Triumph

A Florida trailblazer with three degrees from USF is honored with a named scholarship that supports minority women studying nursing.
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