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Transforming Lives

How you help

When you give a gift to the University of South Florida, it touches the entire USF community, and beyond. How could it not? Think about it. A scholarship for a student impacts a family. A donation to a program provides equipment for a whole class. A gift to a researcher could mean a breakthrough in solving Alzheimer's around the globe. All it takes is one gift to transform lives.

A Patron of the Arts Leaves Legacy Gift for USFSP

Josephine Hall leaves $2 million legacy gift split evenly between the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the USF Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.
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Civil War–era Steinway Donated to USF College of the Arts

The distinguished Steinway Piano collection in the University of South Florida's College of the Arts has a new addition — a rare 1861 Steinway donated by real estate executive Raxit Shah.
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Investing in Lifelong Learning

Robert Findorff invests in Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of South Florida through planned gift.
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An Artful Showcase for Students

Fine Arts students can now display their works in the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery – made possible by a heartfelt gift of $400,000.
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First Giving Day Makes History

This year Rocky made history by sharing his birthday spotlight with the inaugural USF Giving Day to promote a cause very close to his heart – student success.
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Football Center Shuts Out the Weather

The yet-to-be-named USF Football Center will be a real game-changer, shutting out the storms and helping to attract top-level student-athletes to the university.
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The Dawn of a New Era Downtown

Big things are on the horizon for USF. Though the university has achieved its hard-won Preeminent status in Florida, the drive to be the best has only intensified as USF’s reputation continues to grow.
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