Diversity At USF

Diversity At USF

90 Days. 90 Donors.


1 in 5 Americans have a disability, and it’s likely you know someone with a disability. It may be a relative, a spouse, a co-worker, their child, or even your child. You may know someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or a learning disability. Perhaps someone you know is Deaf, has a visual impairment, or requires a mobility device. What if, to honor the person you know, you could help a differently abled student achieve their dream of a college education? The goal of 90 Days 90 Donors is to raise a minimum of $9,000 in 90 days and fund the Accessibility Scholarship at USF. This scholarship is available to students with visual, hearing, speech, orthopedic, neurological, mental, and learning disabilities. Your generous donation will help these exceptional students become future leaders, innovators, and role models. 


Differently-abled students often have costs other college students do not. The financial burden of doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, and equipment that makes everyday life accessible can leave students struggling to pay for tuition and books. The USF Accessibility Scholarship helps alleviate this burden. By donating to this scholarship, you will make a significant impact on a student’s life. You can help a differently abled student achieve a college degree. A college degree helps others see past disabilities, to a person’s true potential. Our scholarship recipients pursue degrees across all majors, including STEM, Business, Health, and Education, often advancing to successful careers or graduate degrees. Although our goal is to raise $9,000 by reaching 90 donors in 90 days, any donation is greatly appreciated.


  • AchievaBULL - $25
  • ValuaBULL - $50
  • AdmiraBULL- $100
  • IncrediBULL- $250


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